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Judi's Story- This Could Be You! Change is Needed

Many people in recent letters to the Editor have been saying that Roger Corlett has the knowledge and the experience to do the best job on valuations for real estate property in Ashtabula County. These valuations are on Lake Rd., Conneaut. I own Lot 7 in the Willow Beach Park Plat so we will look at some property values around my property. According to the Auditor’s Office, Lot 7 is 40 ft x 86 ft. or .079 acres and appraised for taxes at $57,900. In 2016, my lot was valued at $48,200. In 2013 my lot was valued at $7400. Another Lot in the Plat is a Lot 40 x 110 or .10.10 acre and it is currently valued at $5170. A lot just a couple lots east of mine is 1.105 acres with an appraisal val

Current Auditor's Policies a "A trap for the unwary".

Michelle just wanted a fair property valuation, yet she felt bullied and intimated to drop her appeal. When she sued the Auditor's Office, the local judge called the Board of Revision's policies "a trap for the unwary" and purposefully disingenuous. This is why we need change in the County Auditor's Office. Our taxpayers deserve more! Read Michelle's letter here: In 2015, our Harpersfield home’s value was raised by $70,000, in one tax cycle. We chose to dispute this evaluation, hired an appraiser and presented our case in front of the Board of Revision. The meeting with the BOR seemed one sided, not to our benefit. When we presented the case, the board was constantly trying to discredit our

My Take- Star Beacon: Spire Institute value set at $11.5 million

The Board of Revisions under leadership by the Current County Auditor concluded what they could have decided in 2016 without using your $100,000+ Taxpayer Dollars on a California Appraisal team and delaying the SPIRE uncertainty by 2 years. The Auditor hired this appraisal group to apparently tell us, "...the current use of Spire is not economically sustainable” while then relying on the free-to-County-Taxpayers appraisal advice of the Geneva School Board's expert. I will be accused of political motives, personal shaming, and Monday morning quarterbacking- but calling out the delays, uncertainty, and lack of leadership on SPIRE by the current County Auditor's Office is not political, it is h

Jefferson Debate Video

Watch the October 2nd ATech Debate between myself and the incumbent County Auditor here.

It's Just Not Right.....

Another reminder of why Change is Needed this November! My opponent promised to have a nonpolitical office and yet, that is not what our taxpayers are funding. It is just not right to have County employees actively campaigning for their bosses. Every single re-election staffer is an employee or employee family member. I believe this creates a hyper-partisan office environment which is bad for tax payers and worse for government professionals. The selling of Party fundraising tickets, questioning of political allegiance, and focus on campaign matters shifts good priorities into conflicts of interests. How can a resident feel comfortable questioning values and seeking advice or an employee spe


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