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Thomas Testifies to Ohio Senate Committee for Payday Loan Reform

Columbus- Austinburg Township Fiscal Officer and Coalition member of Ohioans for Payday Loan Reform David Thomas joined other supporters of Payday Loan Reform at the Statehouse Thursday to testify in support of H.B. 123 before the Ohio Senate Finance Committee. View the testimony here at 1 hour 19 minutes "I've heard from many residents who share their concerns and personal stories of the hardships faced following a cycle of debt in Payday Loans", shared Thomas. "I'm advocating for this reform because as a local leader, I recognize the difference between the private sector serving a need and bad actors exploiting the vulnerable." H.B. 123 would cap the A.P.R. on short term loans in Ohio to 2

Lack of Leadership by County Auditor on SPIRE

The SPIRE controversy has been a black mark in Ashtabula County for taxpayer trust and business certainty. Sadly, our former County Commissioners and current County Auditor’s office have played hot potato over the issue, leaving the taxpayer and community at a loss. Now, with news of an 87% reduction in SPIRE's value by the County Auditor and more delays with information promised this fall, possibly after the November election, the kicking-the-can-down-the-road must end. There has been a void of leadership with uncertain taxes, leaving Ashtabula County tax-payers with many questions. - With this new valuation, does that mean that past property taxes were incorrect for area taxpayers, were th

Thomas Praises House Passage of Payday Loan Reform

COLUMBUS – June 7, 2018 – The Ohio House of Representatives today passed legislation that would lead to significant and long overdue reforms of the payday loan industry in Ohio. House Bill 123 (HB 123) passed by a vote of 71-16 with bipartisan support. Ohioans for Payday Loan Reform, a coalition of more than 100 business, faith, veteran and community leaders and borrowers from across the state, thanked the Ohio House and called for swift approval by the Ohio Senate. “We want to thank the Ohio House for finally recognizing that there is a much safer way to make small dollar loans available for Ohioans,” said Michal Marcus, Executive Director of the Hebrew Free Loan Association of Northeast Oh

Youth in Office is Important

Heard on the Campaign Trail: You seem too young to be running for County Office. My Response: "This election isn't about age, but priorities of how businesses, farms, and households should be treated. But, we need to combat the Brain Drain in Ashtabula County, having young officials serve as examples of opportunity is a great start. I'm currently an elected official for a Township and want to bring the energy and excitement we have in Austinburg to the County Level."

A Campaign is a Job Interview

I believe a campaign is a job interview. I share my qualifications and message of more Customer Service, more Accessibility, and more Business Friendly policies to you the voters. Here is my actual resume. Take a look, and please ask me any questions about my past experience or future goals for our County and the role of Auditor.


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